The Content Foundation and Association of Russian Oncologists Reach Cooperation Agreement

24 September 2019

The Content Foundation for the Development of Expert and Analytical Activity and the Association of Russian Oncologists national union signed a cooperation agreement at the FOR LIFE International Forum of Oncology and Radiology in Moscow on 24 September 2019. The two organizations agreed to conduct joint expert and analytical work, hold expert meetings to come up with proposals for the implementation of cancer care programmes for the public as well as organize joint events, including with international participants.

“A holistic approach that brings together the expert community and representatives of the government and public organizations to find optimal solutions is essential to achieving the national health and demographic goals. That’s why this Agreement is a good example of cooperation between industry-specific structures to solve common problems”, Russian Deputy Minister of Health Oleg Salagay said.

“Expert support from the professional community is very important to us. The Foundation’s main goal is to help form the foundations of a healthy society and Russia’s sustainable social development. Together with the Association of Russian Oncologists, we plan to implement a number of significant projects that will contribute to the development of the domestic oncology sector. We plan to jointly organize and carry out events that aim to solve key problems in oncology, improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment of diseases and strengthen cooperation with foreign companies and associations. The Foundation will also ensure the preparation of analytical materials that will be presented at events and will become the foundation for the development of industry-wide programmes and projects,” The Content Foundation Director Yelena Sokolova said.

As part of its joint work with the Association of Russian Oncologists, the Content Foundation’s expert group will be involved in studying practical proposals for the implementation of the federal project and programmes to battle cancer. The first analytical results of the work will be presented at the specialized oncology session at the Healthy Life Forum, which will take place on 12 February 2020 on the first day of the Russian Investment Forum.

Andrey Kaprin, the president of the Association of Russian Oncologists national union, the general director of the National Medical Research Radiological Centre of the Russian Ministry of Health, an academician at the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the chief oncologist of the Russian Ministry of Health, also noted that the implementation of important projects in oncology will help develop cooperation between the organizations. “The Association’s activities aim to pool efforts and coordinate public organizations and associations that work on the problem of oncology theory and practice in order to enhance the level of medical care for the Russian population. Establishing platforms for an open discussion of industry problems and conducting business events involving leading Russian and international experts will help develop practical proposals to achieve our goals in oncology,” he said.


The Content Foundation for the Development of Expert and Analytical Activity was created to help lay the groundwork for a healthy society and the sustainable social development of Russia. The Foundation focuses on organizing industry events, implementing educational programmes, and providing expert and analytical support.


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