Programme released for ‘Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+’

24 December 2018

The official website of the Russian Investment Forum has published the business programme of the ‘Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+’, which will be held on 13 February 2019 at the Main Media Centre in Sochi.

The ‘Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+’ is a unique platform that will bring together representatives of the government and the expert and business communities to discuss measures to increase healthy life expectancy. The discussions will for the first time address applied issues for improving children’s health, creating healthy values in the younger generation, improving the quality of life of the older generation, and its involvement in all sectors of the economy and society.

The main event of the Forum will be the plenary session ‘Working towards life expectancy of 80+ in Russia: challenges and solutions’, during which participants will discuss the implementation of national projects in healthcare, demographics, science, and education.

“This year the central theme of the forum will be a discussion of specific measures to implement the Russian President’s May decree ‘On the national goals and strategic objectives for the development of the Russian Federation until 2024’ as regards creating a healthy society and increasing the longevity of an active, productive life. The Forum programme covers the main priorities of the state policy on healthcare. There are issues of prevention and diagnosis of diseases in older people, and the formation of a healthy lifestyle of the young generation, the socio-demographic development of society, and many other aspects that meet the challenges of modern life”, said Mikhail Murashko, head of the Federal Service for Health Supervision .

The thematic block ‘Demographics – on the threshold of societal change’ will feature discussions on public health and promoting healthy lifestyles in the regions, children’s healthcare, and the quality of life of the older generation. The events will be attended by representatives of federal and regional departments, specialized medical and public organizations, and charitable foundations.

The sessions ‘The contribution of healthcare to quality of life’ will touch on all aspects of organizing medical care. Discussions will deal with such issues as the digitalization of healthcare, the management of medical organizations, drug supply, insurance, measures to reduce mortality from infectious and non-communicable diseases, and the conditions required to create personalized medicine in Russia. Regional leaders and the heads of some of Russia’s largest research institutes, specialized ministries, medical organizations, and the IT and innovation sectors will speak during the panel sessions.

Discussions during the ‘Infrastructure for healthy living’ session will address how to use education as a basis for creating a generation that focuses on moral values and physical wellness. This session will also focus on healthy eating, aesthetic medicine, and increasing the export of medical services in Russia. Representatives of state and private educational organizations, medical institutions, the food industry, and different non-profit organizations have been invited to take part in the panel sessions.

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