Human Resources for Healthcare: New Solutions to Complex Challenges

21 November 2023

The expert session ‘Human Resources for Healthcare: New Solutions to Complex Challenges’ will be held on the first day of the National Congress with international participation “National Healthcare 2023”. The Congress is being organized by the Russian Ministry of Health and the Roscongress Foundation. The organizing partner of the event is the Russian Research Institute of Health of the Russian Ministry of Health. The Congress will take place at the International RUSSIA EXPO at VDNH on 1–2 December 2023.

Every year, the government allocates significant resources to build up and develop the public healthcare system, which requires competent human resource management to function effectively. In order to rapidly develop medicine and pharmaceutical production, Russia needs experienced managers, medical workers at all levels, and competent medical industry specialists. The professionalism of medical workers and proper staffing in the healthcare system have a beneficial effect on health, life expectancy, and population decline. National projects to provide medical organizations with skilled professionals and the introduction of a management system at all levels have already significantly increased the staffing of organizations with specialists who provide primary outpatient healthcare services.

“The shortage of medical workers and imbalances in their supply in certain specializations is a global problem. To overcome them, our country is now actively implementing large-scale targeted programmes – and this is also a global trend. If we’re talking about the number of doctors in Russia in general, this figure is at a high level in absolute numbers. This is why the key areas of our work are focused on eliminating personnel imbalances and a proper and sound attitude towards the most valuable resource of the industry – medical workers,” Russian Deputy Minister of Health Tatyana Semyonova said.

The key questions that the discussion participants will address are: what measures has Russia developed and applied to provide social support for, as well as recruit and retain medical personnel at the local level, what medical specialists are lacking in Russia above all others, and how can we overcome the shortage in the healthcare workforce.

The National Congress with international participation “National Healthcare 2023” will bring together representatives of the federal and regional authorities, industry leaders, foreign experts, strategic partners, and members of the business community who support the global social mission to protect the health of the Russian population.

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