Greeting from Russian President posted on official website of ‘Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+’

31 January 2019

Russian President Vladimir Putin has welcomed the participants, guests, and organizers of the Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+.

The President said he had no doubt that this would be a successful event that would become a regular fixture on the calendar. He expressed confidence that constructive, fruitful discussions will produce concrete proposals and new approaches aimed at further improving healthcare and demographic policy in Russia.

 “Promoting the health of our people, extending life expectancy, and improving the quality of life for the older generation are important national goals and a priority for government agencies at all levels. It is therefore encouraging that these matters feature prominently on the agenda of your forum, which has brought together in Sochi scholars, medical doctors, heads of relevant ministries and agencies, and representatives of the expert and business communities.”, Putin said. 

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