CIS Pharmaceutical Market: Ensuring Drug Availability

27 March 2023

Experts discussed ways to ensure drug availability in CIS countries as part of the business programme of the Healthy Life Forum, which is taking place at Tauride Palace in St. Petersburg. The event is being organized by the Roscongress Foundation’s Healthy Life project and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and is being held with the support of the Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS Member Nations, the Government of the Leningrad Region, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The meeting was moderated by Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers General Director Viktor Dmitriev.

“The pharmaceutical market of CIS countries is developing rapidly, and organizing drug availability for citizens is a top priority and a focus of the state. Developing partnerships, scaling up best manufacturing practices, and creating a unified legal framework to support pharmaceutical industries will provide a synergistic effect and a powerful impetus for development,” Dmitriev said.

The best way to actively develop the pharmaceutical market of CIS countries in order to meet the modern needs of healthcare systems for innovative medical products is to implement synergistic development models, ensure cooperation between industries, and transfer advanced production technologies. The most important components for such development are effective state support measures for the pharmaceutical industry, models to ensure sustainable demand for popular drugs, and scalable experience in integrating individual industries.

The session was attended by Director of the Russian Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare Alla Samoylova, Director of the Department for the Development of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade Dmitry Galkin, General Director of the Scientific Centre for the Expert Evaluation of Medicinal Products of the Russian Ministry of Health Valentina Kosenko, President of the Association of Clinical Pharmacologists of St. Petersburg Alexander Khadzhidis, General Director of Moscow Endocrine Plant Mikhail Fonarev, PSK Pharma General Director Yevgenia Shapiro, Chairman of the Board of Kazakhstan’s SK-Pharmacy Yerkhat Iskaliev, Geropharm General Director Pyotr Rodionov, and R-Pharm Director for the Strategic Development of Production Assets Yelena Sinchenko.

“Cooperation between business and the government always provides good results in the manufacturing sector. The results of cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry are seen particularly quickly. As part of the implementation of the Pharma-2020 federal target programme, many enterprises have appeared in Russia that produce drugs that are in demand among the medical and patient community, in particular, our company PSK Pharma. In a short time, the pharmaceutical industry has been able to meet patients’ demand for technologically complex, globally recognized, and effective high-quality drugs and organized their production at a high level. Various grants for scientific developments help to accelerate the R&D process and introduce vital medicines to the market, while ensuring the country’s drug security. Companies are investing in promising and socially significant areas and creating new jobs. This combination provides a powerful synergistic effect, stimulates the development of the industry, and guarantees reliable drug supplies to patients today and in the future. Now the industry is actively working to deepen the production cycle and create its own substances. For example, our enterprise, with the support of the Federal Development Fund of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Moscow Region, is setting up import-substituting manufacturing of substances for genetically engineered biotechnological preparations,” Shapiro said.

During the meeting, the experts discussed what the pharmaceutical market of the CIS is really like, what measures are being taken to support the pharmaceutical industry, what is the role of generic drugs on the CIS pharmaceutical market, what role does the transfer of innovative medical technologies play, how to ensure demand for popular medicines, what the benefits are of introducing a system to label and monitor the movement of drugs for the pharmaceutical market, and what role cooperation plays in creating models for the transfer of innovations and bringing them to the CIS markets?

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