Come spend quality time at the Healthy Life Forum_ Towards 80+

8 February 2019

The Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+, which will be held on the opening day of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi on 13 February 2019, will not simply be a specialized platform to discuss issues concerning national projects in demographics, healthcare, science, and education.

Forum guests will have an opportunity to take part in a number of informative interactive events that have been prepared for everyone by the National Health League All-Russian Public Organization under the guidance of Leo Bokeria, the director of the A.N. Bakulev National Medical Research Center of Cardiovascular Surgery under the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The famous cardiac surgeon will personally take part in the Forum’s plenary session and panel sessions.

In addition to the business programme, which is devoted to three main themes: ‘Demographics: On the Threshold of Societal Change’, ‘The Contribution of Healthcare to Quality of Life’, and ‘Infrastructure for Healthy Living’, the Healthy Life Forum exhibition will include a ‘Healthy Living Office’ where people will be able to learn about their health, get screenings, and receive individual recommendations based on the tests conducted, all under the guidance of experienced instructors. At the same time, the Main Media Centre will have two mobile health centres operating out of GAZel NEXT vehicles.

The Social Investments Laboratory will feature a presentation of the ‘Take Care of Your Health’ All-Russian Educational Programme, during which experts will talk about how to stay healthy and fit for work in the modern active world. Speakers will include General Director of the ‘Health Origins’ Medical Prevention Treatment Centre Yury Balandin, Executive Director of the ‘Healthy Cities, Districts, and Villages’ Association for Improvement to People’s Health and Quality of Life Tatyana Shestakova, and Vice President of the National Health League All-Russian Public Organization Nikolay Kononov.

The ‘10,000 Steps’ health walk will be organized for the Forum’s most active guests. It has been proven that regular walks can help prevent a number of diseases, including cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases, boost immunity, and contribute to overall health improvement. The health walk is the core element of the National Health League’s ‘Take Care of Your Health’ programme and is based on WHO recommendations for a daily walking rate of 6,000–10,000 steps. After the preparatory stage, people will have the opportunity to walk along a pre-prepared route under the guidance of a professional instructor. 

Registration for the health walk is here.

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