Accreditation rules

1. General provisions

1.1. In the interests of ensuring the necessary conditions are in place for complete and accurate information about HLF events to be produced and disseminated, media representatives (“media”) seeking to participate in the Healthy Life Forum (“HLF”) must be accredited.

1.2. Media must be accredited for all HLF events.

1.3. As they carry out their professional duties, media representatives are expected to respect the rights and legitimate interests of the participants and staff of the HLF and to comply with generally recognized ethical standards.

1.4. Given the considerable interest shown by media in the event, the limited capacity of venue infrastructure, and in order to ensure those participating are provided with the best possible working conditions and quick access to all necessary resources, the organizers have decided to limit the number of media representatives allowed to participate in the HLF.

Please keep an eye out for updates on the HLF website and in the newsletter.

1.5. Media editorial staff shall be responsible for the accuracy of the data provided about their employees in accordance with Russian Federation law.

2. Media representative accreditation

2.1. Procedure for applying for accreditation

2.2. Accreditation quotas for media representatives

The number of media representatives from HLF media partners shall be determined in accordance with the media partnership agreements in place.

2.3. Procedure for issuing accreditation badges to media representatives

2.4. Rules for accessing HLF events

3. Denial of accreditation

The Organizer reserves the right to deny accreditation without providing a reason.

4. Rights and responsibilities of media representatives receiving accreditation for the Healthy Life Forum

4.1. Accredited media representatives at the HLF are entitled to:

4.2. Accredited HLF media representatives are obliged to: