How to get to Sochi

Sochi is one of Russia’s largest resort cities and has a highly developed transport infrastructure. The city is home to an international airport, two railway stations, a commercial and passenger seaport, and numerous highways.

Increased traffic is expected at all transport hubs during the Healthy Life Forum and the Russian Investment Forum, so please plan your travel in advance.


A valid passport and a visa are required to enter the Russian Federation.

Visitors holding an invitation to Healthy Life Forum 2020 are eligible to apply for a short-term visa for the period from 5 to 24 February 2020 through a simplified procedure in Russian consulates abroad.

Members of official delegations and accompanying persons are provided single diplomatic (for diplomatic passports) and official (for business and ordinary passports) visas; businesspersons and accompanying persons receive single‑entry business visas.

The host organization is the Healthy Life Forum Organizing Committee.

We recommend that Forum participants apply for a visa in advance.

To apply for an entry visa to the Russian Federation, the invited person must contact the appropriate Russian consular office abroad (information on the locations of the Russian Federation’s consular offices can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation).

When visiting the consular office to apply for an entry visa you must bring the following documents:

When filling in the application form, members of official delegations, businesspersons and accompanying persons should indicate ‘negotiations’ as the purpose of the trip. Journalists should indicate ‘press/cor’, ‘press/tech’.

The form must be printed out and signed and a 35 mm × 45 mm colour or black-and-white photo without a head covering attached to it (a head covering is allowed only for religious reasons and if in the passport photo of the foreign citizen he/she also has a head covering).

It is not recommended to apply for an entry visa through intermediaries.

In several countries, visa applications are submitted only through visa application centres. These centres charge applicants a service fee for accepting and verifying their visa application documents.

In most countries, documents are submitted directly at the consular section by pre-booked appointment. For more detailed information, please visit the website of the consulate in the country where you are applying for the entry visa, which can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

In the case of visa application centres, the service fee and visa application fee are paid at the centre.


Sochi International Airport, also known as Adler Airport (AER), is the largest airport in Krasnodar Territory and is located on the Black Sea coast. It serves Russian and international flights to and from roughly 60 destinations.

The journey time from Sochi International Airport to the Forum venue is approximately 15–20 minutes (depending on the traffic).

Airport, A-355, Sochi

International Airport call centre (24 hours)

 +7 (800) 301 1991 
 +7 (862) 240 0032

VIP terminal

The VIP terminal at Sochi International Airport is located in a separate building to the left of the main terminal building. Passengers can go through all pre-flight formalities in the VIP terminal, including check-in and security control.

More information on VIP terminal services and prices is available on the airport website.

Ordering VIP terminal services

Order online
+7 (862) 240 0075, +7 (862) 249 7642
+7 (862) 240 4768

CIP lounge

A comfortable lounge for business class passengers is located in the Sochi International Airport terminal building, on the second floor of sector B.

More information on CIP lounge services and prices is available on the airport website.

+7 (862) 249 7757 (domestic flights)
+7 (862) 249 7748 (international flights)

First aid

A 24-hour first aid point is located on the second floor of sector B.

+7 (862) 249 7703, +7 (862) 249 7503

For passengers with limited mobility

To request special assistance at the airport, please follow this link.

+7 (800) 301 1991

Customs control

Commercial airline passengers are advised to familiarize themselves with any limits on luggage size and weight to avoid extra charges and inconvenience.

For safety reasons, carrying dangerous materials, objects, and liquids in hand or checked luggage is prohibited.


Sochi Railway Station

56, Ulitsa Gorkogo, Sochi

It takes an average of 50 minutes to get from Sochi Railway Station to the Forum venue.

Adler Railway Station

113, Ulitsa Lenina, Sochi

It takes an average of 15–20 minutes to get from Adler Railway Station to the Forum venue.

Russian Railways call centre

+7 (800) 775 0000