Conditions for participation

Thank you for your interest in the Healthy Life Forum.

The event was set to take place on 16 February 2022, and the new dates of the Forum will be decided on by the Russian Investment Forum Organizing Committee. Please follow the news on the official website:

Application form

If you wish to submit an application to attend the Healthy Life Forum, please sign up for a Roscongress personal account on the official website.

You can register for a Roscongress personal account in five simple steps. Step one is to fill in your personal details. You will then be prompted to provide your passport details, information about your organization and your contact details. The fifth and final step is to select the event you wish to attend. You can select the Healthy Life Forum when you register for a Roscongress personal account or you can submit an application from your account at a later stage.

Once you have completed the registration process, an email will be sent to the address you have provided containing your login and password for your Roscongress personal account.

If you have a Roscongress personal account, you can apply to participate in the Healthy Life Forum in the ‘Upcoming’ section of your personal account. The details from your account profile will be added to your application automatically.

You can restore the login details or password for your account by emailing

Learn more about Roscongress personal account

Application review process

The status of your participation application for the Healthy Life Forum will be shown in the ‘My events’ section of your account. Applications for participation will be reviewed by the Organizing Committee.

If your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to the Forum and the status of your participation application will be updated in your account in real time. The length of the review period varies by participant. The application review will take at least ten days.

Participation in the Forum is by invitation from the Organizing Committee only. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to refuse requests without explanation.

After receiving your invitation, please confirm your participation in the Healthy Life Forum in the ‘My events – Event dashboard’ section of your account. If you decide not to attend the Forum, please inform the organizers of your decision through your personal account.

Participant package and cost of participation

30 000 RUB.* (inclusive of 20% VAT)

* Base price per individual participant. The cost of participation does not include hotel accommodation and costs for the jorney. Before making payment, Forum participants must first sign an agreement or create an invoice agreement to confirm their participation and guarantee their place

The date of payment shall be considered to be the date on which the funds reach the account of the Roscongress Foundation.You can track the receipt of funds in the Roscongress personal account or call a specialist of the Roscongress Foundation, whose contacts you can find in the Roscongress personal account.

Healthy Life Forum events for participants of the Russian Investment Forum 2022

Participants of the Russian Investment Forum 2022 can attend the events of the Healthy Life Forum for free according to their badge. Additional registration for the Healthy Life Forum is not required.


For more information, please contact the Healthy Life Forum information centre:
 +7 (495) 777 1006