New perspectives on the medical profession: a round-table discussion with the heads of medical universities

19 June 2020

19 June 2020

The 2020 pandemic has undoubtedly reinforced the high status of the medical profession in the eyes of the general public. It also influenced prospective university applicants standing at the threshold of choosing a professional vocation and medical students being trained ‘on the frontline’. Young people’s renewed interest in the medical profession puts a great deal of responsibility on anyone involved in training aspiring professional doctors at medical universities. In a Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly, the challenges of training and attracting medical staff and the accessibility of medical education were outlined among the most pressing priorities. In that context, higher education establishments are faced with the urgent challenge of solving issues linked to increasing their international competitiveness. What’s more, the reform of the education system is set to be completed by 2021. A discussion on the consequences of the government decisions taken is long overdue, as is an assessment of both the quality of the medical education dispensed today and the conformity of medical skills in the profession with current university standards. Modern medicine is at the forefront of searching for new formats and is evolving into integrated, predictive, preventative, individual participatory and other innovative models. Today’s university applicant must be geared towards the upcoming revolutionary transformations in the sector.

Questions for discussion

  • How can we assess the consequences of the medical education system reforms? 
  • How effective is the role of the state in modernizing the medical education system? 
  • What skills should aspiring doctors possess? 
  • Can modern technology compensate for basic medical qualifications? 
  • How can the market support the medical education system? 
  • To what extent is the highly specialized model of medicine paying off? 
  • Is the medical education system prepared to adapt to modern challenges in the sector? 
  • Do medical universities have sufficient potential to bring the medical profession up to a new prestigious level? 


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