Healthy Life Area

Healthy Life Area

The Healthy Life Area will be held on the sidelines of the Russian Investment Forum.

The key themes of the Healthy Life Area’s business programme will be the sustainability of national healthcare systems, the development of medical science and genetic technologies, and the fight against cancer, infectious, and other socially significant diseases.

At the exhibition area of the Healthy Life Area, leading companies will present their achievements in domestic and foreign medicine as well as breakthrough technological and innovative projects that aim to improve people’s quality of life and increase their life expectancy.

For questions about participating as a partner, please contact:

Natalia Rodionova

Head of Division of the Healthcare Directorate

+7 (812) 680 0034, ext. 1233

+7 (926) 388 2938

For questions about participating as a speaker in the business programme, please contact:

Elena Litvina

Senior Expert of the Healthcare Directorate

For additional information about participation, please contact:

Irina Pshonik

Senior Specialist of the Healthcare Directorate

Russian Investment Forum Information Centre

+7 (495) 640 6547