The exhibition at the ‘Healthy Life: Towards 80+’ Forum will:

The partners and exhibitors of the ‘Healthy Life: Towards 80+’ Forum will have an additional opportunity on 13 February to meet and present their projects to leading representatives of investment funds from all over Russia as part of the Russian Investment Forum Case Zone.

The Russian Investment Forum Case Zone is an additional communication platform that is open to all Forum participants. It aims to provide a qualified professional audience and an opportunity for business development and networking in a professional environment.


For over 20 years, Kivach Clinic has been engaged in body cleansing (detox). The clinic specializes in integrative medicine and has been recognized as the Best Detox and Anti Age Clinic (Aurora Beauty & Health European Award, 2014). It practices advanced approach to diagnostics and treatment, including vegetative resonance testing, live blood analysis, spectral phototherapy, quantum endovenous laser therapy, lymphotropic therapy. Treatment programmes include cleansing at the cellular level, which leads to the restoration of the natural physiological balance, tissue renewal and normalization of the functions of all body systems and organs. As a result, immune system gets stronger, energy levels grow, work efficiency increases, and weight loss occurs.


Axion Concern LLC specializes in the production and sale of various commercial products: medical and household appliances. The company has been producing medical devices and equipment for 45 years and currently manufactures a wide range of products for various medical purposes: cardiology, resuscitation, neonatology, surgery, and physiotherapy. Its medical devices are built in close cooperation with leading Russian clinics and research institutes. The high quality of the company’s products is evidenced by the numerous awards and certificates it has received at various competitions and exhibitions.


ARMED is a modern, multidisciplinary diagnostic and treatment centre which provides medical care to the residents and guests of the resort city of Sochi.

Our key areas of expertise include: computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, X-rays, ultrasound, doctors of all specialities, and our own, first-class laboratory. The centre is equipped with cutting-edge medical equipment.

The clinic has developed and launched a number of different types of comprehensive checkups aimed at detecting and preventing illnesses in the early stages.

ARMED. Everyone’s health is important to us!


BIOCAD is a fully integrated biotechnology company with in-house capabilities ranging from new molecules discovery to large-scale commercial manufacturing and marketing. The company has its own world-class R&D centres, pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing sites, and performs clinical and non-clinical studies, all in compliance with the international industry standards.

Company portfolio includes more than 50 approved products, 10 of which are biologics. There are over 40 products in development: biologics, small molecules, gene and cell therapy drugs. Today BIOCAD is focused on developing original drugs – next-in-class and first-in-class – for immuno-oncology, haematology and autoimmune disease treatment.

BIOCAD has 8 international offices and subsidiaries. Company products are already marketed in 15 countries from Latin America to Africa and South East Asia and approval processes are ongoing in over 30 countries worldwide. Starting in 2021 the company will launch its original and biosimilar products in Europe and plans to enter the Chinese market in 2022.


GSK is an international pharmaceutical research company that develops and manufactures innovative medicines, vaccines, and healthcare products. Millions of people around the world use our products to help them do more, feel better, and live longer.

More than 100 GSK prescription drugs have been registered in Russia. GSK prescription drugs are used to treat diseases of the respiratory organs, infectious diseases, including HIV, diseases of the central nervous system, and also for urology, immunology, dermatology, and vaccination. GSK is one of the industry leaders in terms of investment in research in Russia.


MyGenetics is a high-tech company that develops and conducts DNA research in such areas as food, sports, cosmetology, neurogenetics, and health. The company has been in operation since 2013 and is among the leaders in the direct to consumer segment (working directly with clients) on the DNA test market. It develops technologies in collaboration with leading research institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and advanced genetics and bioinformatics research groups. We study genes and interpret their results in order to provide people with a tool to improve their quality of life, maintain their health and youth, enhance their productivity, and efficiently use the resources of their bodies.

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