Top 10 Innovative Companies in Healthcare Contest

Goal of the contest

The goal of the contest is to develop a national quality standard for high-tech innovative companies that have a high level of liquidity on the global market.

The contest will help to implement public health policy, enhance people’s quality of life, and improve infrastructure as a result of introducing innovative medical technologies, including early diagnosis and the remote monitoring of patients’ health.

The contest aims to combine efforts and knowledge in various areas of science, technology, and medicine to create a landscape for the healthcare of the future.


The contest being held jointly with the Russian Ministry of Health with the support of the Content Foundation for the Development of Expert and Analytical Activities and the Skolkovo Foundation.


Legal entities that are developing and implementing innovative projects with significant innovations that have prospects for commercialization whose technologies and products may be applied in the healthcare sector are eligible to participate in the contest.

Contest application

In order to take part in the contest, you must fill in an application on the Business Priority website. The application must contain:

  • a brief description of the project (no more than one page);
  • a detailed description of the project in presentation form (5 to 30 slides).

Project evaluation criteria

  • The company’s product has the potential to change the landscape of the future.
  • The existence of a finished product (mature stage of the project).
  • The existence of rights to the product or the ability to protect intellectual property.
  • Experience in product sales.
  • Market demand for the product.
  • Potential on the Russian and global market.
  • The existence of competitive advantages.
  • Projected risks of the project.
  • The potential for increasing the company’s value.
  • Feasible commercialization plan.
  • The existence of a team ready to respond to the challenges of the times.

To the winners

The contest is part of the Roscongress Foundation’s Business Priority project. Having Business Priority status offers companies wide-ranging opportunities for active growth and development. The selected projects will receive support from the country’s leading experts and assistance in promotion as well as searching for and raising investment funds.